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North Monmouthshire Music Centre


North Monmouthshire Music Centre is situated in Monmouth Comprehensive School, and is held weekly during term time on Friday evenings from 4:45pm to 6:45pm. The Head of Centre is Mr. Peter Morgan.

Monmouth Comprehensive School

Currently situated in the temporary buildings at the far end of the site due to building work. Follow signs to reception.

Fridays – 4.45pm to 6.45pm – All Disciplines

Llanfoist Primary School

Wednesdays – The Abergavenny Primary Schools Orchestra from 4.00pm to 5.00pm

 Raglan Primary School

Wednesdays – Celtic Band from 5.00pm to 6.00pm



Details for 23rd March


Hi All,

Below are the details for our concert in conjunction with the Friday Afternoons project run by the Haberdasher’s at the Blake Theatre on Friday 23rd March. Please be aware that this concert will only involve the Junior Orchestra, Foundation Orchestra and Guitar and Ukulele Experience; Senior Band and Senior Strings will not perform at the concert, and will not have a rehearsal either.

Venue – The Blake Theatre, Monmouth

Arrival time – 4:30pm

Concert starts – 5pm (and should finish around 6pm)

Dress – school uniform

Tickets – are free, and will be available either from the tuck shop at this week’s rehearsal, or on the door on the night.

We look forward to seeing you there,

Peter Morgan

Head of North Monmouthshire Music Centre




Arrangements for Combined Rehearsals

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your half term break. Rehearsals resume this week, with the Senior groups joining up with South Monmouthshire Music Centre ahead of their concert on 13th March.

The bus timetable is as follows for both 2nd and 9th March:

16:15 – pick up at Abergavenny Leisure Centre

16:45 – pick up at Monmouth Comp bus bay

17:15 – arrive at Chepstow Comp


20:15 – depart Chepstow Comp

20:45 – drop off at Monmouth Cattle Market Car Park

21:15 – drop off at Abergavenny Leisure Centre

Thank you to all of those who have let me know whether or not you will be travelling with us on the bus. If you are still yet to do, please email me as soon as possible: moc.d1521712305uolci1521712305@2nag1521712305rom.p1521712305

All other groups will rehearse at the usual times.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Peter Morgan

Head of North Monmouthshire Music Centre





Hi All,

Today’s rehearsal (Friday 9th February) will take place as planned, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be cancelling the rehearsal on Friday 16th February. Rehearsal will continue after half term on Friday 2nd March.

Please accept my apologies for the short notice.

Peter Morgan

Head of North Monmouthshire Music Centre



The Senior Strings and Senior Band will once again be joining forces with our friends at South Mon Music Centre for a performance at the Monmouthshire Chairman’s Charity Showcase Concert. This will take place on Tuesday 13th March at Chepstow Leisure Centre. This performance will also double up as the groups entries for Music for Youth, and in advance of this there will be two joint rehearsals with South Mon. Due to the building work currently taking place at Monmouth Comp and Monmouth Leisure Centre, both of these joint rehearsals will take place at Chepstow Comprehensive School. These rehearsals will take place on Friday 2nd March and Friday 9th March. The Friends of both music centres have generously offered to pay for transport to Chepstow on these evenings, details of which will be sent out as soon as possible. If you require a place on the bus for these rehearsals, then please let me know via moc.d1521712305uolci1521712305@2nag1521712305rom.p1521712305 :lia1521712305me1521712305

The other groups at music centre have been invited to perform at a concert at the Blake Theatre on Friday 23rd March.This will involve Junior Orchestra, Foundation Orchestra and the Guitar & Ukulele Experience and will replace the planned session for that evening (there will be no rehearsal for senior groups that night). The full details of this concert will be sent out as soon as possible.


Please click here for information on music centre charges.

Please click here for more dates and  information, or click the message icon below to talk to somebody from North Monmouthshire Music Centre.


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