Student Council

Dear Students


We are keen to hear your views, on how you think our activities are run, what is on offer, choice of music, and how we can improve. We would also like the council to suggest more social activities.


With this in mind we would like to set up a student council. This will be made up from representatives from every centre, and every Greater Gwent group. We are also hoping to involve younger as well as older students. We will be looking for the key roles to be filled by you – a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and someone to oversee social media.


We will meet every half term over a Saturday lunchtime in Caerleon comprehensive. Lunch will be provided, and the meeting will be an hour long, 12.00 – 1.00pm finishing in time for whichever Greater Gwent ensemble is running.


We would like to receive nominations from you which will then be voted on. Please complete the form below by the 17th February 2017. Nominations received after this date will not be counted. Please submit one vote for each group/centre that you are part of.


We will compile a list of nominees which will be sent out for you to then vote on  your favourites before the 10th March 2017. You will be able to follow the candidate’s campaigns through our social media channels so be sure to log on!


Gwent Music- Student Council