Buying a New Instrument

Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme

If you are looking to purchase your own instrument, then you might want to take advantage of the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme available through Gwent Music and in conjunction with HMRC, who have authorised us to offer this scheme.

This scheme is only available to those pupils who:

  • attend a Local Authority School
  • require an instrument for their studies
  • receive tuition from a Gwent Music Tutor or attend a music centre or Gwent course
  • will continue for a minimum of one year following the instrument purchase

By completing the AIPS form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, if you do not follow the Terms & Conditions you will be liable to repay the VAT to the HMRC. 

The instruments purchased through the scheme:

  • have to be purchased through an approved Newport City Council supplier
  • must be suitable for the pupil’s tuition
  • must be portable musical instruments (not pianos or drum kits)

Under the scheme, Gwent Music will purchase the instrument on your behalf so that you do not have to pay the VAT (a saving of 20%). We also benefit from discounted prices from our regular suppliers so it can be quite a saving on the purchase of your new instrument.

To take advantage of this scheme, you will need to complete the AIPS form. Your Gwent Music tutor will normally be able to recommend the make, model, size and/or grade of instrument that would be suitable.

On receiving the form, we will check with your Gwent Music tutor that all the above criteria have been met, and contact our suppliers to get the most competitive quote for the instrument. Once you have agreed the quote (VAT-free) and made your payment, we will order the instrument from our suppliers. The instrument is then delivered to Gwent Music headquarters and we will contact you when it is ready to collect.

Follow this link to complete the AIPS form.