Gwent Music Charges


Please view our terms and conditions before completing enrolment.

  • Children are taught in groups of between 2 and 4 children for 20 to 30 minutes each week depending on numbers and the mix of standards and instruments.
  • Tuition is available on a wide range of instruments.
  • 34 sessions will be delivered over the school year.
  • The cost for small group tuition is payable in 3 installments of £65 per term.
  • Individual tuition is also available at a cost of
    • £130 per term for 20 minute weekly sessions or
    • £195 per term for 30 minute weekly sessions.
  • These charges apply for the academic year 2020/21.
  • It may be possible, subject to availability, for your child to borrow a Gwent Music instrument.

Charges directly to Schools

Individual and small group tuition: 
Per hour£34.00
Per day (5hr:30m)£170.00
Whole Class Projects:
Instruments provided by school£36.50
Gwent instruments provided£49.50
Music Therapy per hour£47.50
Music Intervention per hour£37.00
Creative Learning Recital£182.50

Music Centre & Ensemble Charges

1 Group2 Groups3 Groups4+ Groups
1st Child£36.00£57.60£72.00£79.20
2nd Sibling£30.60£48.96£61.20£67.32
Further Siblings£25.20£40.32£50.40£55.44