Gwent Music Instrument Loan Contract

    Pupil Details

    Parent/Guardian Details

    Instruments Details

    Loan Period


    • Baritone£445.00

    • French Horn£1,125.00

    • Bassoon£4,826.00

    • French Horn Mini£350.00

    • Bassoon Short Reach£4,060.00

    • Glock Pack£129.00

    • Bassoon Mini£2,394.00

    • Guitar (all sizes)£99.00

    • Cello 1/8£400.00

    • Oboe (plastic)£665.00

    • Cello ¼)£525.00

    • Oboe (wooden)£1,334.00

    • Cello ½£550.00

    • Saxophone Alto£690.00

    • Cello ¾£620.00

    • Saxophone Soprano£840.00

    • Cello 44£630.00

    • Saxophone Tenor£1,000.00

    • Clarinet£400.00

    • Tenor Horn£280.00

    • Clarinet A£1,354.00

    • Trombone£500.00

    • Clarinet Lyons£100.00

    • Trombone Mini£1,000.00

    • Cornet£260.00

    • Trumpet£260.00

    • Double Bass£1,599.00

    • Tuba (3 valve)£800.00

    • Double Bass Mini£1,270.00

    • Tuba (4 valve)£4,450.00

    • Euphonium£480.00

    • Viola£222.00

    • Flute£365.00

    • Violin (all sizes)£144.00

    • Flute Curved Head£420.00

    I confirm the following:

    1. That I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of loan set out above, and agree to abide by these terms for the Loan Period;

    2. I understand that the Loan Contract is intended to be a legally binding document and any breach of the terms and conditions may result in Gwent Music taking recovery action against me for any loses they may incur as a result of damage to the instrument, up to the replacement value set out above;

    3. I have completed the Loan Form to the best of my knowledge and certify that the information provided is correct; and

    4. I have examined the instrument prior to the commencement of the Loan Period and confirm that it has been received by me in full working and undamaged order.

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    1. All information requested on the “Loan Form” must be completed.

    2. Instruments are loaned on a termly basis, including holidays (3 terms per year). The Loan Period is specified on the Loan Form.

    3. Repairs must be carried out by our recommended repairers. Details available on request.

    4. Instruments are loaned to you in full working and undamaged order.

    5. The replacement of items such as strings or reeds are your responsibility unless there is an obvious fault at the time of receiving the instrument and must be replaced at your cost if required prior to the return of the instrument.

    6. Every care should be taken to protect the instrument against loss or damage. The Loan does not cover this. In the event of loss or damage you will be required to compensate Gwent Music up to the replacement value of the instrument. It is your responsibility to insure against this, and if you do not, you could become liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the instrument. The instrument value for insurance purposes is displayed below.

    7. If, at any time, you no longer require the instrument it should be returned to Gwent Music, Malpas Court Primary Grounds, Whittle Drive, Newport, NP20 6NS. You will receive Email confirmation of your return.

    8. The instrument may not be transferred to any other person.

    9. Please advise immediately of any change in contact details.

    10. If the instrument provided is exchanged either like for like, or for a different type of instrument (e.g. a clarinet is exchanged for a trumpet) then the above conditions still apply and any difference in replacement value should be observed.