When your lessons start in school, your Gwent Music tutor should be able to tell you if we are able to loan you an instrument, or if you will need to buy or hire an instrument. They will also be able to recommend a suitable model and size, and give advice on any accessories.

Gwent Music Instrument Loan Scheme

Gwent Music has a small stock of county instruments that may be available to loan or hire. Availability often fluctuates depending on which instrument it is, and when the request is made.

We try to accommodate all requests by those students on free school meals, or low income. After those have been allocated we decide on a first come, first served basis. If you teacher has advised you to contact us then please fill out the loan form to be placed on the waiting list.


We often have more pupils on the waiting list than there are loan instruments available, and are always extremely grateful to receive donations of instruments in good working order. Please do contact us if you wish to donate an instrument. Unfortunately we cannot accept pianos, but recommend posting on local groups on social networks.

Buying and Hiring

Local music shops have instruments available for purchase or hire. Ask your Gwent Music tutor for recommendations on makes, models, sizes, etc.

Approved Instrument Purchase Scheme through Gwent Music

We run an Approved Instrument Purchase Scheme, authorised by HMRC, for buying portable music instruments without paying VAT (no pianos or drum kits sorry). This scheme is only available to pupils who:

  • Attend a Local Education Authority School
  • Require an instrument for their studies
  • Receive tuition from a Gwent Music tutor and will continue for a minimum of one year following the instrument purchase

Please see the AIPS page for more information. Your Gwent Music tutor will normally be able to recommend the make, model, size and/or grade of instrument that would be suitable.


If you are interested in selling an old instrument, join our facebook page and talk to other music makers!