Musical Instrument Loan Scheme

Gwent Music have instruments that may be available to loan or hire. Availability often fluctuates depending on the choice of  instrument, and the point in the year the request is made. We try to accommodate all requests by those students on free school meals, or low income.  After those have been allocated we allocate on a first come, first served basis.

If your teacher has advised you to contact us then please fill out the form below and you will be placed on a waiting list.

Terms and Conditions for the Loan of a Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are expensive items of equipment, and it is a condition of the loan that you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions below and, in particular, that you accept liability for the security of the instrument and for any damage which might occur to the instrument (or accessories) during the period of the loan.

Upon approval of the request, subject to instrument availability, your child will be issued with an instrument.  Your Schooble account will be updated with details of the loan instrument.

1. All pupils who attend an LA maintained school and receive tuition through Gwent Music are eligible to apply for a loan instrument, subject to availability. Eligibility is restricted to pupils attending an LA maintained school and receiving tuition through Gwent Music.
2. Instruments are loaned to pupils for up to one year in the first instance. The instrument loan is subject to the pupil making satisfactory progress in their music studies and participating fully in music activities organised by the school and by Gwent Music.
3. If the pupil discontinues lessons, the instrument must be returned to the pupil’s Music Specialist Tutor or to Gwent Music immediately.
4. It is the borrower’s responsibility to maintain the instrument in good working order by replacing strings, reeds, valve springs and other instrument replaceable parts, and by undertaking routine cleaning and maintenance.
5. The borrower is responsible for the safe keeping of the instrument and is liable for the loss of the instrument or for any damage caused to the instrument, case or accessories, other than through fair wear and tear. The instrument is not insured and the borrower is advised to arrange for insurance cover against the loss of, or damage to the instrument.
6. Gwent Music reserves the right to withdraw a loan instrument at any time.

Before completing your loan request form please see below:

If requesting the loan of a guitar, please be aware that these stocks are extremely limited and it could be more economical to purchase your own guitar as they are quite reasonably priced. We are unable to loan pianos. Please click here for further information on buying your own instrument through our assisted instrument purchase scheme.