Music Centre and Gwent Ensemble Contributions 2020-21


The basic membership fee for a Music Centre or Gwent Ensemble is £36 per term. Discounts are applied per payer for multiple group membership and for siblings. Please note, there is no charge for Blaenau Gwent Music Centres (Willowtown and Tredegar).

Your 1st group could be attending a Music Centre group, or a Gwent Ensemble. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more groups, either Music Centres or Gwent Ensembles, generate a further charge with increasing discounts the more groups that are attended. We hope this will make it possible for everyone to sign up to memberships that suit their individual needs and financial circumstances.

Membership of groups listed below will be charged at half the rate of the standard charge, reflecting their shorter duration or fewer sessions.

  • Isca Linea Symphonia
  • Llanfoist Music Centre
  • Monmouth Guitars & Ukulele

All other groups are charged at the same basic rate. Please note that all Gwent Ensembles are by invitation and selection, and have a minimum standard for entry. If your child wishes to be considered, please let us know, and we will place them on a waiting list.

 1 Group2 Groups3 Groups4+ Groups
1st Child£36.00£57.60£72.00£79.20
2nd Sibling£30.60£48.96£61.20£67.32
Further Siblings£25.20£40.32£50.40£55.44


Those in receipt of free school meals can apply for financial support through the relevant access fund for Monmouthshire, Newport, or Torfaen. We would encourage anyone experiencing financial difficulties to contact us as we may be able to point you to sources of funding.

Course Charges

In the past we have been able to run our holiday and weekend courses free of charge, only passing on the cost of transport and accommodation where applicable. In order to keep the range and quality of our groups there will now be a nominal charge of the equivalent of £10 per day to attend our Gwent Courses, plus travel and accommodation for residential courses.


Log in to the Parent Portal to enrol a pupil for Music Centre.

Please note that payments cannot be accepted at Music Centres or Gwent Ensemble rehearsals.

Musiccentre charge

Music centre charges