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Newport City Big Band

Newport City Big Band is made up of wind and brass instruments (Saxophones, Trombones & Trumpets) and a ‘rhythm section’ which is made up of Piano, Drum Kit and Guitars (Bass and Lead). Membership of this group is by invitation. If you have Grade 5 or higher and are interested in joining, please ask your Gwent Music instrument tutor to be considered.

Rehearsals take place approximately monthly on the following dates under the direction of Mr Ceri Rees at Gwent Music HQ from 16:45 to 18:45

October 9th 2014
November 13th 2014
December 4th 2014
January 15th 2015
February 25th 2015
March 5th 2015
April 23rd 2015
May 7th 2015
June 11th 2015