SDH Requirements 4 July 16

Please record group name as you require it to be printed in the programme. In the case of combined choirs, please list all schools, groups and community choirs taking part so that they might be given a credit in the programme.

Programme Information

Not required for groups providing pre-concert or interval music
Please take care with spellings etc as this is how it will appear in the programme and enter the information in the correct running order. Could you also give details of any accompanists or soloists so that they can have a credit in the programme. This information is not required for pre-concert or interval groups.

Equipment Requirements

This information is required for all groups including pre-concert and interval performers
Please tick if required
Please indicate number required
Please indicate number required
Please record any additional requirements not listed above and we will do our best to accommodate them.
Please enter as much information as you can especially any interesting anecdotes or anything that is unique to the group.