How much are my child’s lessons?

School lessons are priced according to each individual school, please log in to the PARENT PORTAL and find the relevant school in the list. This will tell you what type of tuition is available and how much it is.

How do I arrange music lessons in school?

Log in to the PARENT PORTAL via the button in the top right of the screen. Select ENROL FOR AN ACTIVITY, then select the school and instrument that you would like. Following the screens through and make your payment at the end. This will automatically put your child on the waiting list for the lesson. The tutor will then be contacted and we will arrange for the lessons to begin.

How old do I need to be to start?

It depends on the instrument; strings (violin/cello) from year 1, piano sometimes year 2 but depends on maturity, guitar, woodwind and brass usually year 3, and then drums year 3/4. Singing could be younger, best in a group.

What if there are no lessons offered in my child’s school, or they will not offer the choice I need?

Some schools allow us to offer our individual tuition scheme during the school day. If your child’s school allows this then contact us to inquire about the cost and teacher, we will then contact the school and if possible set up the lessons.

What if lessons cannot take place in school?

Some schools are not able to offer us their facilities, however we can usually find alternatives e.g. at a Music Centre near you, at our offices, at the teacher’s house, or sometimes at the pupil’s house.


What time are rehearsals? When do I have to arrive? What do I wear?

Your Ensemble’s director will let you know all details. When available, click on the date of the concert in our calendar and it will give you the list of what you need to know as every concert is different.


How will I know if I’m ready to take an exam?

Your teacher will guide you and suggest when you are ready.

How do I book an exam?

All of the exam entries are different, please visit the exams page for more information.

Can I change the time/date of my exam?

All of the exam boards have different rules and regulations, please visit the exams page for more information.

Music Centres

How much do Music Centres cost?

Charges are different across Music Centres, please visit the Music Centre page for the details about each centre. It is also a good idea for you to take some money in case you want to buy some sweets from the tuck shop!

What will I have to do?

You will play your instrument in groups learning new music.

What do I wear?

Anything you like! Polo shirts are necessary for when we play at concerts and are available by order form from the centre.

What do I take?

Just your instrument and any money for the tuck shop that you need.

Do I need to go every week?

Yes if you can – but don’t worry if you have to miss the odd one.

Can a parent stay?

If they want to – most parents don’t. Those who do usually help with the “Friends” committee.

I don’t know anyone, will I be ok?

Don’t worry, all centres are very welcoming and you will soon make lots of new friends.  If you’ve got other musician friends why not invite them along!

Want to know more?

If we haven’t answered your query, drop us an e-mail and we’ll come back to you