Terms, conditions, and guidelines

The guidelines for Online lessons are listed below. Please follow the following links for Parent-billed tuition Terms and Conditions and for the gwentmusic.co.uk website Terms of Use.

Gwent Music Teaching online – Guidance for parents

  1. Parents must agree to the terms and conditions on the enrolment for lessons.
  2. Parents and guardians are assured that all online lessons carry the same safeguards for our tutors as face to face, and all aspects of our safeguarding and child protection policies apply within these lessons.
  3. Tutors are advised to protect themselves from accidental inappropriate contact with students by restricting their profile and will not accept contact requests from students. Parents should ensure that this is clearly understood by the student.
  4. The parent/guardian will be sent the invitation to join the lesson and must confirm that they are present in the room and are happy for the lesson to proceed. Ideally the parent should stay in the room, or close by and be on hand to be called back to speak to the teacher at any time.
  5. At the end of the lesson the parent must sign off and confirm the lesson is ending and the teacher will close the session.
  6. The Gwent Music tutor will emphasise to students and their parents that the online platform is to be used for lessons only and not for other contact, e.g. sharing photos or general messaging. Parents must ensure that students restrict their own profiles so that they can only receive calls from known contacts. All communication will be made to the parent email, with links to the approved videoconference platforms and to download and view resources.
  7. Students should not wear inappropriate attire, and the lesson must be conducted in an appropriate space e.g. living or dining room. There should be no other activities going on for example other siblings playing, TV or other devices audible. In this instance the parent will be called to the screen, the lesson will be terminated until the situation is addressed. The same applies if a student behaves inappropriately.
  8. Parents must report any issues to Gwent Music without delay; or 01633 210800.

Please click here to open a pdf copy of these guidelines for your records.

Parent-billed Terms and Conditions

Below is the current Terms and Conditions for all parent-billed activities, as well as a list of past versions, and notes on any changes made between versions (changes recorded March 2020 onwards).